Lade... - Changelog


8smonitoring v1.1.6 (10-01-2018)

Add login status message and notification bar on the dashboard view


8smonitoring v1.1.5 (23-11-2017)

Update ‘CPU’ load calculation algorithmus for multicore servers


8smonitoring v1.1.4 (12-10-2017)

1. Custom chart change from KB to GB
2. Small fixes on dashboard view
3. Added changelog link
4. Server agent updated, new algorithmus on data fetching


8smonitoring v1.1.3 (11-10-2017)

1. Change: New Server load Calculation 
2. Dashboard issue fixed with “Morris.js” file


8smonitoring v1.1.2 (10-10-2017)

1. Fixed chart view
2. Fixed issue with Server Load on server details page


8smonitoring v1.1.1 (07-09-2017)

1. Add Multi IP display
2. Fixed IPv4 fetch on Agent
3. Now Delete Server from edit server page available
4. Small improvement in Disk Fetch in Agent
5. Fixed Disk Space Count 
6. Some other small improvements. 


8smonitoring v1.1 (06-08-2017)

1. Fixed Password reset issue
2. Fixed signup double password encryption.
3. Fixed IP Display Issue
4. Fixed Python Agent to Collect Correct IP Instead of Localhost IP ( on some Servers

8smonitoring V1 (18-07-2017)

First release